Reduce your meat consumption

Quote of the Day:  “Too many of us now tend to worship self indulgence and consumption.”- Jimmy Carter

CHALLENGE:  Reduce your meat consumption

  • Beginner: Don’t eat meat for 1 day
  • Intermediate: Don’t eat meat for 3 consecutive days
  • Advanced: Don’t eat meat for 7 consecutive days
  • Extreme: Don’t eat meat for 14 consecutive days

Why do This? According to “Project Drawdown” a plant rich diet is the number 4 best solution to reducing carbon emissions worldwide and helping to slow down global warming.  Additionally, you will save money, reduce animal cruelty, and you will help save the Amazon from destruction.  If you also cut out processed food’s and eat whole natural foods then you will feel healthier.

Tips and tricks for Success:

  • Replace your meat consumption with more vegetables, beans, fruits, nuts and seeds.
  • If you can’t reduce your craving for meat, then try some of the meat substitutes .

What I have learned about reducing my meat consumption 

As long as I replace my meat consumption with nutritious vegetable, beans, fruits, and nuts then I have found that I have never felt more energetic.  It feels good to know that reducing meat consumption has a positive impact on helping the earth and reducing animal suffering.