Exercise until you get a sweat going then immediately after take a cold shower

Quote of the Day:  “I take a freezing cold shower to start every day, and when I can’t take it anymore, I count 20 Mississippi’s. Then I literally walk out of the shower and say, ‘Let’s go.’”- Jesse Itzler

Question of the day:  Will you ever know how brave you really are?

CHALLENGE: Exercise until you get a sweat going then immediately after take a cold shower

  • Beginner: Exercise for at least 5 minutes then take a 30 second cold shower
  • Intermediate: Exercise for at leat 10 minutes then take a 90 second cold shower
  • Advanced: Exercise for at least 30 minutes then take a 3 minute cold shower
  • Extreme: Exercise for at least 60 minutes then take a 6 minute cold shower

Why do This?

Taking a cold shower improves circulation, relieves depression, keeps skin and hair healthy, and strengthens immunity.  It makes you feel fully alive and is also is a great way to wake up and start your day energized.

Exercising benefits: Improve strength, stamina, and mobility.  Increase your energy levels and get positive physical results.

Tips and tricks for Success:

  • It is easiest to take a cold shower when you are sweaty and hot so work out hard
  • Play music or practice deep breathing while in the shower

What I have learned about this challenge:

I love this challenge.  This is one of my favorite challenges.  I almost always enjoy the exercise portion; however, I don’t always enjoy the idea of taking a cold shower.  With that said, I am always glad I took a cold shower as I always feel invigorated and ready to enjoy my day with new-found energy.