Eat your meals blindfolded

Quote of the Day:  “Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.”― Margaret Atwood

CHALLENGE:  Eat your meals blindfolded

  • Beginner: Eat one meal blindfolded
  • Intermediate: Eat two meals blindfolded
  • Advanced: Eat three meals blindfolded
  • Extreme: Eat all your food and drink for one day blindfolded

Why do This?

  • You will gain a new appreciation for your site
  • You will gain a new appreciation for your other senses
  • It will be fun, especially if you do it with others

Tips and tricks for Success:

  • Don’t use breakable dishes or sharp utensils
  • It is most fun if you don’t know the food you are going to eat. If possible, have someone who is not blindfolded serve you a surprise meal.

What I have learned about doing things when I can’t see

I love to hike and trail run at night.  When I first turn off my headlamp I usually can’t see in front of me but after a short period of time my eyes adjust, my walking stride adjusts, and my foot plant adjusts.  I feel more connected to myself and to nature.  Darkness allows me to tap into the power of my other senses.