Moscow, Russia


Phoenix, Az

 I go by the stage name Voltz, but my real name is Vladik. Adopted from Moscow Russia, I’ve lived in two other countries and have visited more than a dozen others. After moving to Arizona in 2019, I became a huge advocate for independent living for people with various physical disabilities and challenges, and am a young independent rapper showing and talking about what life is like sitting down. Throughout my experiences in life, if I wasn’t willing to consistently get out of my comfort zone, I probably wouldn’t be a very functional and giving individual in society. In a life where adaptation and flexibility is a must, I’ve had to get uncomfortable in order to truly understand myself, the life I’m in, and dealing with the circumstances at hand regardless, no excuses! So get uncomfortable, because whether it’s in this life or the next one, eventually, you will have to!

Memorable Challenges

  • Fasting in 2017 for three weeks from 2:30 AM to about 9:30 PM every day, no water, no food, just you, the spirits, and God.
  • As a young disabled man, my most memorable challenge is each day being the best human I can be. Choosing to be positive, kind, respectful, and loving are not easy virtues, yet traits that when strengthened by living them everyday, free you and allow you to live a life you could not fathom. The challenge is being aware of these virtues when you’re not using them (when you’re angry, upset, frustrated, sad, etc.) and finding the strength to work through the challenges by not taking the easy way, which is giving in to the anger, frustration and sadness. Yet everyday I try to work on this, because when I begin mastering this challenge in life, I will set myself truly free.
  • Over the past year, I’ve really become aware of who I truly am and what kind of impact I make around myself. I have focused on being responsible for my mistakes and not denying them, and being humble and grateful for all that I have.