Pleasanton, CA


Northern California

    Being uncomfortable is where the growth and change comes from. I truly believe in this. Being uncomfortable can also put you in a very vulnerable state and that is scary! Yet exhilarating because I know the outcome will only mean a lesson will be learned. There are lessons to be unveiled in every situation and I believe its our responsibility to find that lesson.


   My personal development and fitness journey started in 2016. I first started with bike riding and going for long walks with my puppy. One thing led to another and I started challenging and pushing my endurance and physical abilities. I became intrigued by all movements and soon found myself a member of a kickboxing gym, a spartan training gym, Fitness 19, a yoga studio and I dabbled in some kung fu classes. As I journeyed down this path, doors started opening and an abundance of opportunities starting flowing my way. Ive learned how to connect to my true authentic self. I’ve learned the power of self-love. I can go on and on, but you get the point. It’s all happening because I believe in the magical process of “getting out of your comfort zone”.

Memorable challenges:

  • Crossed the finish line for the Endeavor Team challenge.  
  • Completed Spartan races and a half marathon 
  • No social media for 3 days
  • Wore a bikini for the first time at a crowded beach
  • Joined a women’s group and experienced my first “Empowering Portrait session”.
  • Journaled for 30 days, voice recorded those journal entries, and then listened to the recordings
  • Incorporated meditation into daily routine 
  • Drank celery juice for 30 days first thing in the morning, and still counting