Brazilia, Brazil


Northern California

The conscious decision to embrace uncomfortable challenges is relatively new in my life, and the process of engaging this experience has retroactively opened unknown potentials I did not know I could accomplish. So seeking uncomfortable challenges, physically or mentally, is my new theme. I cannot claim it is always easy to be uncomfortable,  but it is a mental game which allows me to break the rules and overcome my own limits in a positive way. As I endure and overcome physical and mental challenges, I’ve learned to appreciate my health and genuinely be grateful for family, friends, and many things I may have used to take for granted in my life. I now look back and analyze my past and project my future differently. I have learned that my mind has a direct impact on my weaknesses and my strengths.

Memorable Challenges

• No drinking alcohol for a month, which it has extended for more than a year and could extend for many years
•Taking cold showers for a week.  Now the vast majority of my showers are still cold
•Giving up my phone for a week.  I did allow myself to take important calls
•A week long daytime fast—eat/drink only before sunrise and after sunset
48 hour fast (drinking water only)